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Who We Are

This is what sets Saint Lou's apart

Saint Lou's Barbershop was designed to be a neighbourhood shop built with the intentions of capturing the community nature of a traditional barbershop. We believe getting a haircut should be fun and relaxing.

At Saint Lou's our philosophy might be laid back and seem effortless at times but that's the true essence of a heritage barbershop in a modern context. Cutting hair is something we take a huge amount of care and pride in and we're constantly striving to improve our craft and hone our skills.

We are affordable. We are real. We are experts. We cut hair. We give you what you want.


These Are The All-Stars

These guys will cut your hair...but don't worry, they all passed a background check

Rob Oxner

Rob has been cutting hair since the turn of the century. When he's not at the shop or hanging with his family, he can be found playing pickup hockey or making a racket with his band. Rob is currently saving up for NHL Gamecenter in the hopes of a long playoff run for the Blue Jackets.

Willie Stratton

With how clean Willie’s lines are, it’s hard to believe that his guitar tone could be so dirty (some would even say FILTHY!). He is currently saving his money for a rag to cleanse his guitar strings of all of those blood sweat and tears.

Travis Clark

T-Rav as he’s affectionately known (to Rob) is a talented and methodical barber. When he’s not cutting hair you can usually find him spoiling his two dogs. Travis is currently saving his money for a seatbelt cover to protect himself on his long, hot, shirtless summer drives.


What We Do

These are the services we offer

Barber Shop Cut
Price: $37-39

A tailored haircut done to your specifications, using various techniques

Young Fellas
Price: $33-35

We do haircuts for kids from 5 yrs through to 12 yrs

Price: $24-26

Hair is buzzed off and then tapered around the edges.(+5.00 for Super Shaver all over or Fade)

Tidy Up
Price: $20

A quick service to clean up necklines and sideburns.

Clean Neck
N/A during COVID-19

Beard Trim
N/A during COVID-19


Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday - 9am - 4pm
Sunday - CLOSED
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Products We Sell

We carry a wide variety of products we believe in

    • Kevin Murphy
    • Free Hold Paste
    • Kevin Murphy
    • Rough Rider Clay
    • Shiner Gold
    • Matte Clay
    • Suavecito
    • Firme Hold Pomade
    • Suavecito
    • Original Hold Pomade
    • Suavecito
    • Firme Clay
    • Suavecito
    • Brilliant Hair Cream
    • Byrd
    • Classic Pomade
    • Byrd
    • One-n-Done Hair & Body Wash
    • Uppercut Deluxe
    • Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder
    • Uppercut Deluxe
    • Uppercut Deluxe Pomade
    • Uppercut Deluxe
    • Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold
    • Salty Hair
    • Salty Hair Spray
    • Better Beard Company
    • beard oils - viking, lumberjack, anarchy, renaissance man
    • Better Beard Company
    • beard balms - viking, lumberjack, anarchy, renaissance man




As a locally owned and operated barbershop, our business is rooted in our community. For that reason – and because we believe that business has an obligation to give back – we strive to do our part to make our local and global community stronger, healthier and more sustainable.

Our People. We invest in our employees by paying a living wage, providing vacation time, providing health and wellness benefits and encouraging our employees to pursue their passions outside of work.

Our Community. We invest in our community by contributing to organizations committed to addressing issues that impact all of us. We sponsor local families through Feed Nova Scotia’s Hearts For Christmas program, an initiative supporting families in need during the holiday season.

Our Environment. We invest in our environment by contributing to Solar Schools Canada, an organization working to develop renewable energy installations in public schools across Nova Scotia in order to prevent emissions, reduce school operating costs and advance environmental education.